2 X 630g - BSN - Banana Cream Pud Lean Dessert


Quick Overview:

Lean Dessert Protein is a protein-based supplement ideal for weight management, calorie-restricted and/or low carb diets...

Lean Dessert Protein is a protein-based supplement ideal for weight management, calorie-restricted and/or low carb diets. Each serving of Lean Dessert Protein produces a thick, delicious and rich, flavourful shake that will help you control your appetite, while continuously feeding your body with important amino acids and glutamine peptides for up to 7 hours. Lean Dessert Protein has also been fortified with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT‘s) and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) for quick, usable fuel, which is great for keeping a stable energy level, whether you‘re on a high or a low carbohydrate diet. Forget the meal; just have your dessert - Lean Dessert Protein that is! Other highlights of BSN‘s Lean Dessert Protein include: 
• Sustained Release (7 hours of amino acid nitrogen delivery)
• Multi-Funcitional A.M.-P.M. Protein Blend
• 6 Different Ultra-Premium Proteins
• Active Protein Utilization Enzymes for Increase & Efficiency of Use
• BCAAs and Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids
• Medium Chain Triglycerides for Fast Burning Energy Source
• Glutamine Peptides
• Aspartame Free 

Unlike most proteins you may have likely sampled in the past, Lean Dessert Protein is not made up of one single source of protein (i.e. just whey or just egg). Rather, Lean Dessert Protein is an ultra-premium blend of 6 of the highest quality and most nutritionally complete proteins available, all with varying amino acid profiles and digestive rates. Since these individual proteins digest and reabsorb in the body at different rates, you are feeding your body for up to 7 hours after each shake. This should definitely help to subside hunger. In addition to the sustained-release blend, Lean Dessert Protein mixes up instantly to produce a thick, rich shake, as opposed to a thin “watery” shake that is sometimes the case with other protein powders. This will also keep you feeling fuller, without causing any digestive discomfort or bloating. 
BSN pride themselves on not only producing products that are the most effective and complete in the industry, but also the best tasting. In regards to Lean Dessert Protein, each of the six flavors truly tastes like a delicious dessert, hence the name Lean Dessert Protein! Take Chocolate Fudge Pudding for example. This flavor was developed using BSN’s Exclusive Advanced Flavour Technology and the final flavouring system was selected only after countless variations and test ‘batches’ were sampled. Add to this that fact that the proprietary flavoring system found in Chocolate Fudge Pudding Lean Dessert Protein contains authentic Dutch processed Cocoa and you have the recipe for an out of this world tasting shake! And if you get tired of shakes, don’t worry because BSN have you covered. Use a little less water when you mix up Lean Dessert Protein and you can actually create a pudding-like consistency from it for a delicious treat! 
Lean Dessert Protein is a very versatile protein; perfect for both those looking to maintain or lose weight, as well as providing a high protein/low calorie meal replacement for individuals who seek to gain fat free, lean muscle mass. If your goal is to put on lean muscle and minimize fat gain, Lean Dessert Protein is perfect to work into your diet.