VYPE EPen Refill Caps Pack Blended Tobacco Flavour


Quick Overview:

Vype ePen Refill Caps: Blended Tobacco. Three-pack of Blended Tobacco ePen Refills Caps

Vype ePen Refill Caps: Blended Tobacco

  •  Three-pack of Blended Tobacco ePen Refills Caps
  •  Around 360 puffs per cap
  •  Compatible with the Vype ePen
  •  Choice of four nicotine levels



About the Vype ePen and Blended Tobacco Refill Caps

The Vype ePen is a popular device for first-time vapers and transitioning smokers due to its ease of use and simple design. First-timers often want a cig-a-like experience and this makes Blended Tobacco ePen Caps a popular choice. They simply click into place and the rich tobacco flavour can be enjoyed.


About Vype Blended Tobacco ePen Caps Flavour




One of two tobacco flavours in the ePen Refill Caps range, Blended Tobacco offers smooth and toasted tobacco notes in a harmonious concoction which has a true authenticity about it. From the popular Vype range, each ePen cap delivers around 360 puffs dependent on your usage and you can choose between nicotine levels of 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.